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Incorporating patented klickzie technology into the arknet platform


What is KlickZie?

With 5 granted U.S. patents  KlickZie activated imagery is aimed at providing the framework for the universal monetization of the imagery of the global smartphone user. To be monetizable imagery ownership has to be reliably attached to the imagery’s author or owner together with the level of trustability of the imagery. Without reliable ownership, monetization can’t happen. And without reliable knowledge of imagery trustability, effective valuation of imagery can’t happen.

Imagery Activation and Marking

 Activation adds new features and usefulness to ordinary pictures and videos. The trustable creation, ownership and handling of activated imagery is trackable across the lifespan of the imagery. Adding trustability to imagery in these days of fake news is significant. In activation the device’s imagery, together with any metadata associated with the imagery’s creation, will be specifically, robustly (and highly undetectably) marked so the history of wherever the imagery goes and whatever happens to it will be securely discoverable by KlickZie. 

Touch to Communicate

People who come across an activated picture can securely communicate with the author of the picture, or with others who have seen the picture, or with the data stored in the picture, by merely clicking or touching the picture (“touch-to-comm”). The picture itself makes the communication happen. It does not matter where or how you come across activated imagery, you can engage it, interact with it, or share it, by touching or clicking it.  

Images From a Fragment

 KlickZie’s activation is designed to recover the original imagery from a fragment of the original. Recovering the original from a fragment will be a pivotal functionality in personal and business life as well as the justice system and in government intelligence activities. KlickZie activation could substantially benefit the way these systems operate in the course of the future. 

Snap Back Functionality

Online vendors who display their products on their website find that their pictures “wander” around the web. But wandering pictures don’t get interested purchasers back to the website. KlickZie activation of their product picture however, provides a “Snap Back” functionality allowing a viewer to jump back to the picture’s original website by touching the picture. No matter where or how the potential customer encounters the picture, KlickZie can snap an interested  person back to the original website.