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ARk hunt 2019 - how to get involved



 The Scavenger Hunt is a week-long event that begins Friday, September 20th, 2019 at 7:00 AM EST and ends Friday, September 27th, 2019 at 7:00 AM EST. 


 Play on your IOS (iPhone) or Android phone using the ARknet App. Arks will be located in all 50 states throughout the US. Players will be required to locate and collect at least 15 ARks in the designated locations to be an official participant. 


 The ARknet App is available for download now using the links below. After logging into the application you will be prompted to register for the event once the scavenger hunt starts. Make sure you have the latest version of the app and login at the start of the event to be ready to participate. 

Clues & Other Information

 Clues will be available by clicking on the ARknet logo within the app at the start of the event. Additional ARkhunt event information will be available in the help section of the app titled ARkhunt FAQ. A daily leaderboard will be posted at midnight within the app for the duration of the event. 

Download ARknet now!


ArKnet whiteboard explainer video

The ARknet Vision - User Content Ownership & Data Privacy

It is our mission to return the ownership of a user's personal data and valuable content such as images and video back to where it rightfully belongs, the individual. We envision an ARknet with billions of users and ARks all around the world connecting humanity, commerce, information, crypto currency, and innovation like never before. 

some arknet use possibilities


Social Media - The "ARkrs"

Upon the ARknet download your own personal device ARk is created. Follow other ARks & ARkrs or use your profile to grow your own following! Users can create, buy and even sell their sub-ARks! YOU own ALL of the ARks that you create! 


Business and E-commerce ARks

Business: An ARk outside or inside stores or restaurants containing pictures, videos, links, menus, events, coupons, now hiring, seating wait times, delivery wait times, and more! Drive new traffic and customers to your business!

E-Commerce: What if your business isn't in a mall but you have an at home or internet based business? Even better! With ARknet you could give your Youtube channel, Amazon store, Ebay shop, web page, blog, an even your Podcast physical presence in locations all over the country if you wish driving traffic and potential customers right to you.


Mailboxes - "ARkbox"

An ARkbox for your home or business! Exchange messages with neighbors, and municipalities can send notices to every address in town in seconds for little cost. Perhaps eventual migration to an all digital mailbox cutting down substantially on cost and wasted paper, identity theft from stolen mail, and instant certified mail delivery to customers via blockchain transactions.  


Memorials and Gravestone ARks

Friends and family from around the world can upload photos, videos, audio, memories, and stories to the gravestone ARk of someone who has passed on. What once was just a gravestone is now an eternal interactive memorial celebrating that loved ones life. Imagine having the ARknet app open in the augmented reality view at The Arlington National Cemetery and seeing thousands of ARks floating over soldiers gravestones.    

Networking Event ARks


ARk2ARk communication brings networking to a whole new level! Instant connections to company information, vendor products or services, and even a potential new hire's resume, experience, and availability! 

Museum and Art Gallery ARks


 Interactive exhibit ARks contain pictures and videos with further information about artists and even the artifact discoverers. Limitless interactive information well beyond  just text plaques. 

Zoo and Aquarium ARks


Interactive animal exhibit ARks containing more information and even videos from zookeepers about the specific animals! "This is Edgar the elephant who is 6 years old has been living with us for four years! He came to us from the sub Sahara..." Visitors and especially children can learn so much more about the animals 

Real Estate ARks


Whether you are a real estate agent or just a home owner this sale listing ARk is for you! Load this ARk with pictures, sale price information, local schools, attractions, mass transit information, events, and more!  

Vacation Rental ARks


Your out of town vacation rental ARk inside the house can contain contact information with renter instructions, local destinations, food, events, and even tips and messages from prior renters of that vacation spot! 

Municipal ARks


 ARks could be placed at town halls, police stations, sports fields, welcome signs, and town centers and be filled with information including, upcoming meetings, events, and local history. 

Billboard Advertisement ARks


Every billboard or print ad can now become an interactive virtual ad! Links to the advertisers sites, coupons, shop, reviews, pictures and more! 

Apartment For Rent ARks


Whether you are owner occupied or a large property management company these ARks are for you. ARks outside all of you rental properties detailing availability, pictures, rental price, amenities and more. ARknet gives users the ability to see all of your rental ARks in one place with ease.

Park and Recreation ARks


 ARks for historical monuments, attractions, upcoming events, visitor information, schedules, and the "ARk of Time" park history! 

Political Sign ARks


Who is Dane Morris? What does he stand for, what are his views? An ARk with his sign could hold the answers to those questions! Experience, qualifications, and history!  



These examples only scratch the surface of the ARknet's potential! Where will you create your own ARks? 

Incorporating patented klickzie technology into the arknet platform


What is KlickZie?

With 5 granted U.S. patents  KlickZie activated imagery is aimed at providing the framework for the universal monetization of the imagery of the global smartphone user. To be monetizable imagery ownership has to be reliably attached to the imagery’s author or owner together with the level of trustability of the imagery. Without reliable ownership, monetization can’t happen. And without reliable knowledge of imagery trustability, effective valuation of imagery can’t happen.

Imagery Activation and Marking

 Activation adds new features and usefulness to ordinary pictures and videos. The trustable creation, ownership and handling of activated imagery is trackable across the lifespan of the imagery. Adding trustability to imagery in these days of fake news is significant. In activation the device’s imagery, together with any metadata associated with the imagery’s creation, will be specifically, robustly (and highly undetectably) marked so the history of wherever the imagery goes and whatever happens to it will be securely discoverable by KlickZie. 

Touch to Communicate

People who come across an activated picture can securely communicate with the author of the picture, or with others who have seen the picture, or with the data stored in the picture, by merely clicking or touching the picture (“touch-to-comm”). The picture itself makes the communication happen. It does not matter where or how you come across activated imagery, you can engage it, interact with it, or share it, by touching or clicking it.  

Images From a Fragment

 KlickZie’s activation is designed to recover the original imagery from a fragment of the original. Recovering the original from a fragment will be a pivotal functionality in personal and business life as well as the justice system and in government intelligence activities. KlickZie activation could substantially benefit the way these systems operate in the course of the future. 

Snap Back Functionality

Online vendors who display their products on their website find that their pictures “wander” around the web. But wandering pictures don’t get interested purchasers back to the website. KlickZie activation of their product picture however, provides a “Snap Back” functionality allowing a viewer to jump back to the picture’s original website by touching the picture. No matter where or how the potential customer encounters the picture, KlickZie can snap an interested  person back to the original website.